Clermont L’Hérault

 Clermont l
Clermont l’Hérault

In the center of the department of Hérault, at 30 minutes from Montpellier and the Mediterranean sea, Clermont l’Hérault is a small town surrounded by hills.

The remants of the “Château des Guilhem” (XIIth century) overlooks the town. The church “Saint Paul” (XIIIth century) of gothic southern style will surprise you by its fortifications, its very beautiful rose window and its great baroque organ.

The historic town center brings to mind the middle ages, with its ancient squares, its private mansions, and numerous back alleys. At the beginning of the last century Clermont l’Hérault was the capital of table grapes and numerous number of trains departed everyday in France and Europe. Today the olive and vineyards share the land surrounding the town.

A weekly market held on Wednesday mornings, renowned in the region, its existence dates back to the XIIth century. Entertainment is held all year round, with festivals of classical music, cinema, traditional “Occitan” markets, and fireworks display held at the lake Salagou ....

The Lac du Salagou

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The lake Salagou

( small history )

Its been 40 years since the creation in order that to irrigate the héraultaise plain of vineyards, to restrict the floods of the river Hérault, the “Lac du Salagou” today is one tourist vocation. It welcomes every year more than 250,000 visitors, who discover the wonderful magic landscapes of tinted red (La Ruffe), green and white. The multicolour water gives the lake a fairy tale appearance. Nature, even though the lake is artifical, is perfectly adapted to its new environment, where numerous number of species of animals and plant life live in perfect harmony with man. The “Lac du Salagou” is a listed conservation area, protected since 2003 as is the “Cirque de Moureze”, which was developed to welcome visitors.

Leisure activities sugested all around the lake: hiking, mountain bike trails, horse rides, sailing boats, canoe, fishing, and paragliding... The camping site welcomes you with your tent, camping car, caravan, or you can rent a mobile home...

The Lake in Figures

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The lake Salagou
  • Altitude: 139 m
  • Surface: 750 ha
  • Perimeter: 28 km
  • Longitude: km
  • Depth: 4 to 45 m
  • Capacity: 125 millions m3
  • Temperature of water in the summer: between 20 to 28°C


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An ancient manufacture founded at the end of XVII° century, by a wool cloth manufacturer of Clermont l’Herault, who became a few years later the manufacturer royal to King Louis XIV, through the initiative of Colbert minister to the king.

The competition from the English and Dutch put a stop to this market until the wars arrived, the employers started to make blankets and uniforms for the French soldiers.

The manufacture closed its doors in 1954 leaving behind the wealth of the industrial commerce.

Still today the manufacture remains has been restored and repopulated, with plenty of greenery which is a peace haven for visitors.

Outside the village there still is left the ancient tunnels of irrigation, pools and aqueducts, of which is the “Pont de l’Amour” where lovers come to cross over, while wishing to marry during the coming year. Not to be missed, a very beautiful small church, who pays homage to the, “Famille Maistre” through its paintings on display.

Le Cirque de Mourèze

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Cirque de Mourèze

The “cirque dolomitique de Mourèze”, offers an exceptional natural landscape of sculpture dolomite rocks, overtime they have formed familiar shapes like a monkey, a tortoise, the lovers and jesus at the wonder of young and old alike.

Several nature trails allow you to discover the “cirque” and the rocks sometimes higher than 100 meters.

Behind this natural amphitheatre you find “Mont Liausson” which marks the frontier with the valley of Salagou and its tinted red landscape (la ruffe).

The little village of Mourèze is sheltered by the rocks, with its roman church and its relics of a castle from the Xth century. Also the flowered little back alleys will enchant you.

To discover

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Other sites to see around Clermont:

  • Little villages around Salagou :
    • Octon, Liausson ,Salasc, Celles the village saved from the water. Mérifons where you can see the imprints of little dinosaurs…. Paulhan with its unique circular village, typical of the Clermont Herault region, its construction was an arm of defence against different kinds of wars in the middle ages….
    • Canet on the border of the river Herault where you can pass time fishing or swimming….
    • Aspiran with its roman history where a former roman vineyard estate, has been brought up to date and is one of the largest in the region….
    • Nebian An old knights hospital order of Saint-Jean of Jerusalem (XII° century), (Ancienne commanderie des chevaliers hospitaliers) so, there is only a trace of the ramparts and its original roman church….
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Salagou and Mourèze
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